Insect collections in the best New York Museums

Having a passion for history or nature does not always mean you have a book in your hands and your nose between two pages all the time. Many of such people enjoy it quite a lot to go out, explore the world, travel and see places and things to build up, not only their knowledge, but also their experiences. A New York escort is just one of those people and she does not look like that at all, so you should put your stereotypes away and start meeting people and exploring places. And if you find yourself in New York, than you are at the right place for any kind of activity you want to do. There are museums, galleries, parks and all kinds of other spots which offer the best possible things, just as escorts too.

Experience New York on a whole new way

When speaking of this city, the first thing that comes to your mind, if you don’t live there, is, for sure, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park or the Upper East Side of Manhattan. But that are only three places you should go to with your escorts, and not even close to all you should see. Museums are written big in the big city, because there are quite a few of them and they are big in all possible ways. What will make you feel amazed the most is the Museum of Natural History, it is quite big and has it all, from dinosaurs to butterflies. Their insect collection is amazing and so big that you will need days to see it all, even if you spend only 10 seconds on every peace. To accompany you, you should find a New York escort on Escort Directory, she will share the same passion for all that, just as you.

What else does it offer

It is not in the town, but quite near, the Staten Island Museum has the biggest collection of insects on the northern hemisphere, about 500.000 different specimens. Those include 75 thousand beetles, 35 thousand cicadas, and more than 2.500 different butterflies and moths, incredible, isn’t it? But that is not all, the New York Escort like those from¬†will find a way to show you even more, only if you give her a chance to do so. She is the one who knows the area and all the places you might like, but some of them are not included in any tourist brochure or trip.

Escorts are the ones everyone should travel with, they know how it is to see something new, and how important it is to have someone to share your joy and passion with. If she is not into insects that much, but still wants to visit a museum with you, then the MET is just right for you both, it can even be a part of your first date. It is known as the best and most famous art museum in the world, with thousands of pieces available for anyone. Escorts will love it even more, when they find out there is a fashion history exhibition going on the whole year.